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Seamus Flannery – Information

Educated at St Paul’s School London & Ontario College of Art.

Commissioned in the British Army and served with The 24th Regt Royal Artillery, The Duke of Wellington’s Regt. & The London Irish.

Produced, co-directed and wrote one monthly regimental variety show for a year at Strensal Barracks for Yorkshire Northumberland Brigade.

Worked as a hard rock miner in nickel mines in north Canada and as a seaman between Chicago and New Jersey via The Great Lakes.

Designed two shows for NBCs Matinee Theatre Produced by Al McCleary in Los Angeles, California at the NBC studios.

Joined CBC TV and worked for 8 years as a designer on light entertainment productions, current affairs, and one half hour drama every three weeks, plus all General Motors Commercials.

Returned to GB for Granada TV designing Entertainment Spectaculars (Ella Fitzgerald), and dramatic productions (Gerodoux’s Tiger At The Gates) and subsequently BBC2 drama series (eg Mary Barton etc.). To open the new studios in Glasgow.
In London also designed were several night clubs, re-vamped hotels, assorted restaurants and bistros, toys, games, book illustrations, and restoring A.D. 1700’s buildings.

Moved from live TV into filmed TV series, (Danger Man at MGM Studios) and into feature films, Poianski’s ‘Repulsion’ to Antony Shaffer’s ‘Wickerman’, starting my own production companies making commercials and documentaries. Pan Productions with Sydney Banks of Toronto shooting commercials internationally, and later Team Pictures.

I was asked by the BBC TV London to be the Manager of their Design Department of 172 Designers, which 1 did for a one year contract.

Moved back to Toronto in the mid 70’s and designed about twenty feature films such as ‘Fly Away Home’ and ‘Beautiful Dreamers’ and about the same number of films for TV: CBS, NBC, ABC, & Disney.